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WordPress Maintenance

avoid those Willy Wonka moments


Whether you’re building your own site or have just been presented with a gleaming specimen from a developer and are now having a serious WTF moment, don’t reach for the vino or chocolate just yet.

  • Who wants to be sobbing all alone over their keyboard when something JUST WON’T WORK ARRRGH! Not you!
  • Pulling out your hair as you just don’t know what the eff n jeff it is you’re even looking for?
  • Maybe your imagination is severely constipated and you need prune juice levels of inspiration?
  • Or you’ve heard horror stories about sites being hacked by Herberts and need advice on how to keep things safe and secure?

WP Cookie to the rescue!

I understand your pain so with this plan…

  • I will take a look under the hood of your current WordPress website and advise on any changes needed to improve or secure it.
  • Check your WordPress dashboard every week for you, to ensure WordPress, your theme, plugins and security are kept up to date and ticketyboo so you don’t have to worry about stuff not working or being hacked.
  • Receive an invitation to join my brand spanking new, private Facebook group, so you have my support. What? You’re awake in the middle of the night? Search the group archives 24/7 for help and comment on posts to exchange advice and ideas with other entrepreneurs!
  • Watch professional video tutorials showing you how to use WordPress
  • Access popular plugin courses – learn how to use Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, Beaver Builder and WooCommerce

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WordPress Support

You’re happy using your site on a regular basis, but there are some things you just don’t feel confident doing or there are 101 other things you’d rather be doing than getting elbows deep in tech, aka the arse end of your website.

Luckily for you I love that stuff and you can have me on your team for five hours every month. I can help you…

  • By taking a long hard look under the hood of your site and telling you what could be changed to improve things and then make it so (ala Captain Kirk).
  • Site speed is of the essence, so you need to keep your flibbertigibbet website visitors happy as they won’t hang around all day for a page to load. The patience forced on us during the time of dial-up modems is lonnnnng gone. I can run tests on your site then tweak things so you provide your website visitors an enjoyable, faster, experience. Stop people frothing at the mouth and going elsewhere!
  • Other stuff that may crop up that can be dealt with are; broken links, SEO guidance, Cloudflare integration, image optimisation, post formatting, Google Analytics integration, Facebook Ad pixel installation, mailing list set up, social media profile tweaks and links, funnel integration and and and… all kinds of things!

Not only do you get tech support but Sarah can also draw on her 17 years online experience and help with marketing, customer experience and general business feedback or ideas. Anything she doesn’t know, she probably knows someone who does.

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WordPress Website

Want a new website? Whether you want to keep costs low and have a go yourself, or hire a designer you can trust to deliver the beautiful goods and not leave you in the lurch, I can help.

WordPress DIY Quick Start 

You want to have a go at designing your site yourself but you would like me to give you a good strong foundation to get you started quickly and let you bypass a lot of boring techy stuff.

  • Register a domain name  –  this is the name of your website that will be typed in to a browser like Google
  • Set up hosting for your website files – so your website will be visible when someone visits it
  • Install WordPress plugins to make your site safe and secure
  • Install and configure Yoast SEO and set up Google Search Console to help you optimise your new website so it will appear in search results and gain free, organic visitors
  • Set up Google Analytics, so you can collect data about your site visitors and see what your most popular pages and posts are

Sod that, I’m not creative at all and want someone to do the whole shebang and make me a beautiful website!

I hear you! If you want a completely new website or maybe to overhaul something that is just so damn ugly and out of date you’re too embarrassed to share with potential clients, I know just the person for the job! No it’s not me but someone I highly recommend and would share my cookies with. Contact me for the secret squirrel info to work with someone you will soon know, like and trust.

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