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for those Willy Wonka moments

Whether you’re building your own site or have just been presented with a gleaming specimen from a developer and are now having a serious WTF moment, don’t reach for the vino or chocolate just yet.

WP Cookie has real people plus a load of fantastic professional videos that you can watch, or a manual if you prefer to read, that will take you from complete WordPress newbie to a virtual ninja, contorting your way around the WordPress dashboard with ease to keep your site both sexy AND secure and your brand on point. Yes, even your kids will soon be impressed with what you can do.

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Get YOUR Questions Answered

WordPress training is great but it’s not enough, nope!

  • Who wants to be sobbing all alone over their keyboard when something JUST WON’T WORK ARRRGH!
  • Pulling out your hair as you just don’t know what the eff n jeff it is you’re even looking for?
  • Maybe your imagination is severely constipated and you need prune juice levels of inspiration?

We understand your pain so there’s a brand spanking new Members Only forum for you to connect with other people (no dickheads allowed) and search the FAQ 24/7 for help. Maybe you can help us think up a name for our tribe. No crumbs on us! (Are you groaning yet?)

Plus if you’re still stuck you can also ask your own question that will be answered, no matter how daft you think it is.

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Marketing And Geekery

Maybe you’re happy using your WordPress site on a regular basis but there are some things you just don’t feel confident with (or can think of a zillion other things you’d rather be doing).

WP Cookie can help you with…

    • Finding a reliable tech geek team member to do the work for you – whether it’s website development, a sales and marketing funnel specialist, or an assistant (who isn’t an ass)
    • REAL honest feedback to help you move your website and business forward
    • Tippy top tips that we’ve tried out first, to save you a headache

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But who’s behind WP Cookie?

Hiya, my name is Sarah Cairncross

I know, I look a wee bit startled in this photo, it’s because I’d just dyed all the white bits out of my hair and I was shocked at how my friends and family were right – I look a LOT better!

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been helping people with their websites since 2000 and working with WordPress since about 2006. I started WP Cookie as I love to help people like you, get to grips with using WordPress so you can share your passion with the people who want to know about it!

As you can tell, I talk in plain English (and I do swear on occasion). If you want to ask me a question, please do – I’d love to hear from you. Keep scrolling past the fabulous cup cakes and you’ll read some words from people I’ve worked with – I didn’t even have to twist their arms. Honest.

The Sweetest Things

Paul Fuggle
Clear Focus Consulting
You are frikkin awesome! For the first time ever I have a website that I am really proud of and reflects what the business is about. You "got" what I wanted. You asked questions that made me get clear on what I was after. You weren't afraid to challenge me when I sent you content or suggested changes that would've taken me away from what I was trying to create. P.S. I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who said: "Your website is really lovely to navigate, straightforward and clear. You found a fantastic designer!" 🙂
Deborah Crowe
Author and Activist
I would highly recommend Sarah. This includes strategy, planning and emergency support as well as the actual setting up word press sites. She has always gone way and above the call of duty for me. She is lovely to work with as well. She is a good communicator and makes sure she is clear on the tasks before she starts. What has been significant for me is the hand holding - as I need it. Others may not but she is good at adapting her approach to her clients. I recommended my husband work with Sarah as well.

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